Nov 14 – 16, 2022
Argonne National Laboratory
US/Central timezone
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USNDP Satellite Workshop

The Annual U.S. Nuclear Data Program (USNDP) Nuclear Structure Working Group meeting will take place after the NSAC Long Range Plan Town Hall meeting.

The meeting will start at 2:30 pm on Wednesday, November 16th, and conclude at noon on Friday, November 18th. It will take place in the Physics Division, building 203.

The point of contact for this meeting is Prof. John Kelley ([email protected]) of North Carolina State University and TUNL.

For all session, please use this Zoom link:, Meeting ID: 980 8256 3574, Passcode: 257397.

A pdf of the agenda can be found here.


Wednesday 11/16

2:30 Overview of Atlas program and tour

Thursday 11/17

9:00 Welcome
9:15 IAEA activities report –Vivian
9:45 Beta-shape update –Xavier Mougeot
10:00 AME update Filip Kondev
10:30 Codes update – Jun Chen
11:15 discussion on NSAC report –Lee Bernstein
11:45 discussion of policy on decay modes – John Kelley
1:15 Analysis of double-beta decay data in ENSDF–Boris Pritychenko
1:30 Medical Radioisotopes Production Studies -Ninel Nica
1:45 Review of Log ft values – Balraj Singh
2:00 Coincidence gamma/gamma and gamma/X-ray database update- Aaron Hurst 2:15 The tetraneutron –John Kelley
2:30 Accelerated decay data evaluation including the full nuclide"–Shamsu Basunia

2:45 Discussion on codes distribution and training –John Kelley
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